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On your mark…get set…

And start enjoying – I say this with a certain amount of bliss – the website is updated and loaded and looks beeyoutiful!  All of the Fall and Holiday season wickless candles are loaded and ready to be shipped and enjoyed in your home.  I may have mentioned this before, but we really do have the best web designer ever.  Not just talented, but patient too!  She still answers her phone – even after seeing her caller id!  I feel like I should mention, before someone brings it to my attention – but my keyboard is having issues, and for some reason does not like to capitalize the letter ‘w’.  I don’t always know what the keyboard is up to when I am not watching, but in the event that I forget to check (or use the other shift key) – I don’t mean to slaughter the alphabet….it just happens.  Okay – explaining aside — how did you all spend your weekend?  Me, you ask?  Well, made some candles….made some mineral bath salts….took a bath (Hey – it’s not screwing around….it’s research…um…yeah – we’ll call it research!) After painting the crates that we are using for displays in the upcoming fairs – which, btw, I expect to see you all at…..I needed to soak and restore.  Conveniently, we carry Mineral Bath Salts created using Dead Sea Salt imported from Israel.  A little hot water, a handful of AHHH..muscle soak, and half an hour later, I can move again.  It’s a Miracle!  Or at least a revelation.  CNN recently reported on all the benefits of Dead Sea Salt, and we will be posting those insights here for those who want to be in the know.  If you are in the mood to take a relaxing bath, or soak and soften your skin – maybe just take advantage of the restorative properties of pure mineral salts…check out our products, and see if you can’t find something to suit your style.

CNN Video: CNN confirms bath salts heal, and that dead sea salt is a natural cure for psoriasis and may help with symptoms of arthritis and eczema.

So it’s that time of year ~ already?

I can’t believe it’s almost September, and that Halloween is just around the corner.  I always feel like the beginning of the year is a blur and I can only remember the last four months or so – and if that’s some kind of neurological disorder – please don’t share. Some things I prefer to be ignorant about.  We’ve been busy little beavers here at Glass Slipper – so while the great majority sings aloud for children heading back to school – it signals the time to start getting ready for ‘festival’ season.  We have several upcoming events and be sure that I will shout from the rooftops when and where we will be.  It’s always nice to meet the people who make us such a success, and my sister Karen has yet to meet someone that she can’t strike up a conversation with.  The website, designed by the brilliant and ever-willing-to-change-no-matter-what-the-client-says Jill Duffy, is being updated to include all of the new wickless candles, including the Christmas scents.  Now don’t go finding things to throw at me for mentioning Christmas in August.  Some people plan ahead.  (HI MOM!)  Then there are those of us perpetually behind.  Thankfully, I have a very understanding family that don’t really mind when birthday and anniversary cards arrive.  Of course – it took years and years to train ’em to that, but it was all worth it in the end.  They get there – that’s what should count.  Although I am hearing some muttering about the road to hell and good intentions….  Never mind.  Back to the wickless candles – I want to tell you about Mums and Leaves and Trick or Treat.  Both are in my favorite orange color. (Another fantastic benefit to making the wickless candles – I can have whatever color I want!)  And both smell fantastic – a combination of crisp green, fresh air and sweetness.

The website should be updated with all the scents soon, but if you really want the new wickless candles – and they aren’t there yet, just pick any candle and mention in the comment box which candle you really want. We have a lot of new things to share, but not wanting to stress the attention spans out there….I will share in bits and pieces – that way you’ll always want to come back.  Thanks for reading, and for being a loyal customer at Glass Slipper Candles and Scents!

Glass Slipper Candles and Scents

From the second Jill our website designer told me to build a blog (and seriously people – you need a Jill in your life building your business) I have had one overwhelming image race through my brain — all those nuns that were forever shushing me.  You would think that they had never had a thought that they would want to share.  Well this is me sticking the ‘ole proverbial tongue out at them….and yes, I think they are still out there torturing another generation with plaid skirts and nightmarish algebraic equations. ‘Kay, enough with the childhood trauma.  Welcome to the blog featuring Glass Slipper Candles and Scents.  A company designed around the concept of wonderful smells and girly-pampering items.  Mom always said that girls needed to know how to take care of things (like buying our own jewelry and indulging ourselves – because the guys will never get it right).  Thanks MOM!

We specialize in hand poured wickless candles.  Our candles use a specially formulated wax, designed to absorb scented oil.  Matter of fact, the wax carries the most oil of any wax on the market. Bar none.  Used in conjunction with a heated warmer, and you have a candle that will ‘throw’ scent for about 300 hours.  Check the labels of some candles that you have in your home now – betcha they only last about 180 hours.  And likely cost a lot more.  Do ours have a pretty flame?  Nope, but then again, ours can be left on the warmer even if you aren’t home.  They also don’t produce soot, or leave waxy residue in your home.  Traditional candles evaporate.  Ever wonder where all that wax and color evaporate to?  You won’t need to locate a match for our candles either.  Which seems like a minor thing – but have you ever noticed that the ability to locate a match never coincides with the desire to have one?  Me too.  Keep my eyes out looking for that gremlin, but have yet to catch him.

Glass Slipper Candles and Scents also carry bath fizzies and mineral bath salts.  Fizzies will make your bath sparkle and pop.  Mineral salts will soothe the savage beast – although I wasn’t implying shared bath tubs or anything.  Who knows – the nuns could be listening.  Kidding aside, we use Dead Sea Salt imported from Israel in our bath concoctions.  A couple of scoops will change the salinity of your bath water, which allows your skin to absorb all the yummy essential oils.  Choose the formula that is best suited for your mood.  Crank-away is for those who suffer from PMS.  Although truth in advertising – it has not been shown to have any relief if the male of the house uses it.  Buh Bye Blues helps with that ‘down’ feeling that we all get from time to time.  Check out the website for all the different formulas, and feel free to indulge!

Glass Slipper Candles
This is our blog for our company Glass Slipper Candles and Scents. We make handmade wickless candles, soaps, potpourri, sachets and bath salts. Be sure to visit our www.glassslippercandles.com
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